• Sibur

    SIBUR is a uniquely positioned gas processing and petrochemicals company with a business model focused on the integrated operation of its two core segments. SIBUR owns and operates Russia’s largest gas processing business in terms of associated petroleum gas processing volumes, according to IHS CERA and is a leader in the Russian petrochemicals industry.

  • Aquaphor
    Water filters


    Aquaphor was founded to develop and produce water filters and everyday we are looking for ways to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional filters. As a result of our research and experiments, we have developed the technology to create durable and extremely effective water filters that are easy to use in real-world conditions.

  • 2PR Agency
    Public relations & marketing agency

    2PR Agency is a communications consultancy providing all range of PR and marketing services for large and medium enterprise. The core competency includes marketing research, PR, IR and GR services, and advertising. 2PR Agency has performed over a hundred of major projects for both Russian and foreign companies. The clients are market leaders in different spheres of economics: construction and development, energy and water supply, healthcare and pharmaceutics, engineering, pulp and paper industry, retail and finance.

  • Concern MC-Bauchemie
    Construction chemicals

    Concern MC-Bauchemie - one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction chemicals in areas such as «surface protection» and «protection of concrete».  The head office and main production facility are located in the city of Bottrop (Germany). Joint ventures, affiliates and MC-Bauchemie plants are located in 40 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

    German-Russian joint venture MC-Bauchemie (Russia) was founded in 2001. Four plants in Leningrad, Moscow, Samara and Tyumen regions produce a total of more than 500,000 tons of dry building mixes, additives in concrete, soil and pasty products a year. Representations of MC-Bauchemie work in all federal districts of Russia.

  • Transoil Group
    Transportation and logistics

    Transoil Group (Moody’s Ba3, outlook – “stable”) is a leading group of private Russian companies consisting of a self-titled transportation company and three service companies supporting the operation of locomotives and rolling stock.

    LLC Transoil, a leading transport company, has been rendering cargo-shipping services using privately-owned and leased rolling stock since 2003. Company operations encompass roughly 29,000 rail tank cars, including more than 4,000 rail tank cars equipped with steam-drum systems. Moreover, the Company owns 36 locomotives serviced by locomotive crews and repair divisions run by the Group’s operating company – Transoil-Service.

    As of 31 December 2011, the Company’s share of the market segment involving oil and petroleum-product rail shipments totals 21%.

  • «VIASM»
    R&D company

    «VIASM» was founded in 1952 as the All-Union Scientific-Research, Planning and Design institute, which served as the head organization for automation and instrumentation for industrial enterprises of building materials and construction industry. As a result of privatization in 1993 VIASM was transformed into "VIASM" JSC, with the industrial, scientific and technical activities. "VIASM" JSC is developing, manufacturing, installing, adjusting and maintaining high-tech specialized types of equipment for the agribusiness, industrial construction materials and other industries; it executes orders for protective coating of metal products for various purposes by the thermodiffusion zinc coating (TDC) for enterprises of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, etc. . "VIASM" JSC is located on a plot of 1.8 hectares in the south-west of St. Petersburg, in the area of the largest international transport hub of the North-West region of the Russian Federation in the area of advanced engineering and transport infrastructure.

  • Techno-Composites Domine GmbH
    Сomposite materials

    More than 15 years of providing innovative solutions in the field of fiber-reinforced plastic profiles. Development and manufacturing solutions from fiber composites and traditional materials for applications in different areas such as chemical Industry, traffic and tansportation, cooling towers, electrical industry and more.

  • SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»
    Water supply and water isposal

    Vodokanal St. Petersburg supplies potable water to the population of 5 million people and to tens of thousands of city companies and organizations.

    Vodokanal provides wastewater services to the citizens and companies: the volume of treated effluent was 816.266 Mio. m3 in 2011. In early 2013, the length of sewer networks is 8,119.3 km; the length of tunnel collectors is 241.1 km.

    Moreover, Vodokanal operates the city fountains and fountain complexes; it is in charge of rehabilitation, capital repairs and operation of public toilets.

    Informational technologies
  • «Elemer»
    Scientific and Production Enterprise
  • «Ladec»
    Science Park

    Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd promotes the region's attractive business environment alongside the region’s development and growth, while offering versatile business development services for companies, which cover all stages of a business's life cycle.